Thursday, 6 March 2014


The Embassy of Thailand  and National Council for Culture Arts and Letters organized Thai Cultural Nights on Tuesday 4th February at Dasma Theatre and Wednesday 5th February at National Museum Theatre. Yesterday, we had the wonderful opportunity to see a splendid performance by the Thai Cultural Troupe of Bunditpattanasilapa Institute, Ministry of Culture Thailand. The program lasted for an hour, and I must say, we enjoyed every moment of it. Outside the auditorium, was a Thai handcrafts demonstration that displayed Praewa silk, fruit and vegetable carving called Chang Khruang Sot and hand made and hand painted bamboo umbrellas besides a lot of handcrafts from Thailand. As we were leaving, I was given a carved and sculpted orange melon that looked like a big rose. 

The performances included:

Khon : Episode of Rama in Pursuit of a Golden Deer, Abduction of Sita followed by episode, Royal Combat

Fon Phang : Performers held a pair of candles while dancing

Long-Tai : meaning 'to travel southwards' that highlighted southern culture, traditions, lifestyle and professions. 

Fon Pootai : Local dance of the ethnic minority group of Pootai

Dung Krong Dung Sak : Rain dance from the north eastern province of Roi Et 

Short Stick Fighting : a form of Thai martial arts

Serng Pong Lang : dance performance to the lively music, Ponglang 

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