Friday, 11 July 2014


As a visitor, one of the things I get to do besides sight seeing, is visiting different restaurants I haven't been to before. Sometime during the end of April, my daughter took me for a movie at Cineworld in Birmingham, while  my husband went to shoot nature photography.  We decided to eat out after the movie.  My husband met us outside after the movie got over. It was afternoon and we were famished.  There were a series of questions that popped up, what shall we have for lunch? what kind of food?, which place?, which restaurant would be good? Should we go for something light or something sumptuous? My daughter knowing her parents' tastes, said, 'Dad, mom, you guys will really like Jimmy Spices'. So we walked down the road from Cineworld to this really nice restaurant Jimmy Spices on Broad Street. They had a delightful elaborate buffet spread with cuisines from literally all over the world - Far east, Indian subcontinent, Middle east, Europe and America. And a live cooking station too. I for one, couldn't possibly try each and every item. We tried a variety of delicious food to our heart's content almost surpassing the limits of what our little stomachs could handle. Jimmy Spices is a multi cuisine restaurant you will definitely enjoy. The prices are very reasonable.  

For more information visit Jimmy Spices website

Here are some photos I took.

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