Friday, 31 October 2014


Discover America Week was organized by U.S. Embassy recently that gave an opportunity for people to experience American culture, music, food, fashion, cars, and movies and seminars on business talks. A lot of American brand shops and restaurants at Avenues Mall participated in 'Discover America Week' event. A spectacular car exhibition showcasing American muscle and classic cars were held at Historical Vintage and Classical Car Museum. I've put up a separate post on that. Three movies, 'Angriest Man in Brooklyn', 'Begin Again' and 'Kumba' was screened at 36O Mall. as part of the American Film festival.  Sultan Center hosted the 'Food Week' with American food products. An education fair held by American universities at Marina Hotel, for students aspiring to study abroad. 

We enjoyed the beautiful musical performance by Matuto band at 36O Mall on October 14. Matuto is an international touring band based in New York and their genre of music is blues, Brazilian and bluegrass. They performed at Avenues Mall on October 16 as well. 

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