Saturday, 1 November 2014


"We're getting ready for you at The Secret Garden, and this is what you'll need to get ready for us! (The bananas are only for demonstration purposes, please feel free to branch out on snack options). Don't forget to bring your kids!" - The Secret Garden Project

"The garden has needs, too! Show your love by donating any of the following; peat moss for the soil, tools (anything from old planting pots and watering cans, to nails and hammers), old shoes make great planters, and last but not least, artists willing to spread their love anywhere they find a suitable surface!" - The Secret Garden Project

"Join us today, and every Saturday, 9am - sun down at the Secret Garden. Bring your gloves, and energetic spirits! THINGS WE NEED: people who don't mind getting dirty, a bottle of drinking water (each), large bins with lids, tools (gardening or otherwise), chemical-free soil, your used coffee grinds, love... and last, but not least, YOUR KIDS!" - The Secret Garden Project

Location map

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For photos and info visit : The Secret Garden project instagram

Google Location map of Baghdad Park where Secret Garden project is located

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