Tuesday, 9 February 2016


During the great weather like we have now, Al Farsi kites hold kite show on Fridays at Bnaider 258. So on Friday, we drove to Bnaider all the way from Abdally after strawberry picking.  That was one heck of a long drive from one border to another for the love of the outdoors and  long distance driving!

At Bnaider 258, huge kites  in animal designs danced in the wind. Alligator, lobster, pony, teddy bears, rat,  traditional kites, national flag kite, American flag kite, adorned the blue skies in  beautiful colors. The kites are suspended with strong, very long strings securely buried into the sand.  In the wind, some of the kites keep moving and floating back and forth from lower ground  to high up in the air. Around 4 pm, the organizers start dismantling the kites and packing them. The best time to see the kites at Bnaider is in the afternoon from 1pm to 4pm.

This was our second trip to Bnaider to see the kites after two years. Al Farsi kites will be holding an International kite show sometime this month. Will post about it when I come to know the dates.

Now for some photos I took of the kites on Friday.

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