Tuesday, 9 February 2016


During the mild gorgeous winter weather, everywhere you look, you will notice several varieties of pretty yellow flowers in full bloom.

While we were driving down the highway leading to Abdally  on Friday, I noticed medium to deep violet colors amid the unending  clusters of yellow desert flowers. My husband parked the car to the side and we walked towards the flowers.  It was such a captivating sight....And what did I see? Lavender, yes it was lavender indeed, growing in the desert giving out a beautiful soothing fragrance.

Finally I got to see beautiful lavender not in some pots or in a flower shop but growing carefree in nature. I was tempted to bring some home; both little yellow flowers and lavender.  I remembered two things. When you love something like a flower, you won't pluck it, you will water it, nurture it and watch it grow. And number 2, you are not allowed to pluck any flowers from the road side or public places here, it's considered an offence!. The flowers are there for you to appreciate, admire and enjoy the beauty nature would like to feast your eyes and heart with.

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Oh it's so beautiful