Monday, 14 November 2016


Did you see the spectacular Supermoon  today which is 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter. The last time earth experienced such a supermoon was in 1948. And the next occurrence will be in November 2034! So we didn't want to miss it. 

In the early evening just after sunset, we headed out first to the Boulevard and then to Salmiyah park near Sable and Mr. Baker, to witness the supermoon. It appeared so huge and so close in relation to the houses and trees, before it rose higher in the sky and appeared much smaller, but more luminuous. So the right time to experience was early evening around 4.45pm  to 6 pm where it feels the moon is literally 'hanging low' from the sky. We had a great time admiring the huge over sized moon. Reminded me of the scene from 'Bruce Almighty' where Jim Carrey pulled the moon way close to earth to impress his sweetheart. Well this wasn't that ridiculously close like in the movie but appeared impressively very close, which was beautiful, flooding you with many coveted picture postcard moments. 

If you missed today's super size effect of the super moon you could experience nearly the same thing if you are outside before 5pm tomorrow with your cameras and mobiles and treat yourself to a visual feast. 

I took these photos with my hand held Nikon camera. A camera stand would do more justice. However, enjoy!

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