Monday, 14 November 2016


Yesterday being the last day, we attended the much talked about 'Weaving Stories' , a week long exhibition by Sadu House.  The highlight of the exhibition was the fascinating contemporary panoramic installation of artistic contributions from local and international artists woven onto a large loom,  to honor the textile arts of Kuwait. The installation comprised of  72 pieces of varying techniques such as crochet, quilting, embroidery, macrame, fabric painting, knitting, traditional sadu weaving and so on to tastefully convey stories of Kuwait, it's landscape, culture, heritage, cityscape, the desert, flora and fauna, seascape, sea life, dhow, renowned landmarks and structures. Workshops were held throughout the week for adults and students registered for learning the art of weaving. 

Two big looms saw the visitors having an  interesting interactive session on simple weaving. A basket of colorful  yarns and wool were placed for anyone to try their hand on how to weave. With a little guidance from volunteers, almost every visitor made his own little weaving story on the loom. In the photos, you can see my tiny woven piece in grey, blue and red towards the end. My first experience in simple weaving!. This has made me so eager to do a tapestry on a small loom for starters. 

Trying my hand at simple weaving

That's my tiny woven piece!

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