Thursday, 2 February 2017


It was quite exciting to attend the much talked about HORECA Kuwait 2017 exhibition organized by Leaders Group, held from 16th January to 18th January 2017 at Hall 8 of Mishrif International Fairgrounds.

HORECA Kuwait is the biggest exhibition held annually, bringing together the best of hospitality and food service industries. HORECA exhibition and events are considered synonymous with quality, professionalism and expertise creating opportunities for participating companies to showcase and market their latest products in food, beverage, food processing technologies, kitchen and catering equipment and hotel supplies and equipment in a constantly evolving business environment in Kuwait.

The highlight of the exhibition which I quite enjoyed was the variety of live food competitions, artistic food display competition, ice carving, live cookery show, chocolate carving, wedding cakes, fruit and vegetable carving demonstrating different styles, techniques and culinary trends and creative innovations with astounding skill, proficiency and dexterity by chefs from leading hotels and restaurants. As a visitor you are left absolutely stunned at the magical feat talented and experienced chefs can present.

The Display competitions comprised of wedding cake, chocolate carving, three plated dessert presentation, themed celebration cake, baguette, cold platter of fish poultry or meat, cold canapes and six course set dinner menu. The Live competitions presented fruit and vegetable carving, sushi, cold sandwich making, mystery basket, hot and cold Lebanese appetizers - mezze, meat dish, Asian cuisine, pasta, ice carving and best burger. The competitions were judged by international judges with awards being presented in various categories creating a celebratory ambiance with much cheer, each time a winner was announced.

Exhibitors in different pavilions offered visitors samples of food, beverage, confectionary and fruit  to taste which of course are available for purchase from leading supermarkets, stores and restaurants.

If you are in the hospitality or food industry, hotel, restaurant business, or a chef or barista, baker, supplier or food writer, or a connoisseur of food, HORECA is an exhibition you should not miss out. The next exhibition would be in January 2018.

Here are some photos from the event.


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