Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Tim Cook with Steve Jobs

iPhone 5, from Apple Inc., will be unveiled today, by new face of Apple, CEO Tim Cook, in a matter of several hours in the United States, at 10am, pacific time in Cupertino, California, USA, in a special event. iPhone 5 is expected to break Apple's all previous launch-day sales records.  In August, Steve Jobs, suffering from a rare pancreatic cancer (neoendocrine cancer) stepped down from his post as CEO and endorsed Apple's Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook as his successor.  Steve Jobs continues to function as Chairman of the Board.  Tim Cook, is a Duke Business school graduate with great deal of industry experience, fitness enthusiast and he is also considered a sharp businessman.  

The iphone 5 will be considered "improved," not "different." The new iPhone will have a faster processor, higher resolution camera, and a new voice command system called "Assistant." It is also expected to work seamlessly with Apple's new iCloud service and should come with Apple's new iOS5 operating system.

To read more on iPhone 5 release and updates, visit International Business Times online Here

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