Tuesday, 4 October 2011


There are a number of things we can avoid to make life more liveable, pleasant and peaceful. Let's see what they are. You could create your own list of things to avoid or add on to this one.

A  V  O  I  D

1. Rash driving
2. Getting stressed when stuck in slow moving traffic
3. Buying of wrong assets
4. Putting money into wrong hands
5. Financial dealings that drain your money
6. 'Friends' or 'Peers' that push you into drugs, smoking, drinking or other destructive habits
7. Arrogance
8. Short temper / Hot temper
9. Arguments or fights over little things
10. Toxic or Negative people
11. Reckless spending
12. Impatience
13. Procrastination
14. Laziness
15. Being taken advantage of
16. Doing something against your conscience
17. Overeating
18. Junk food
19. Looking down upon yourself
20. Texting or talking on the cell phone while driving
21. Temptation to blurt out  mean or hurtful words when you are angry

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