Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I am really fond of bags and when I got myself a lot of bags during my visit to U.S. and then visited my daughter in UK, she was asked me ' Why did you want to buy so many so bags?, you could have got so many other things for yourself". That got me thinking...yeah..I did pick up a lot of bags...but I love all of them. So I decided 'NOT' to buy any bags from UK, and bought myself 'other things'. LOL. Now that was hard...when I think of the wonderful bags I saw in many shops, especially at JOHN LEWIS.  And I also told myself, I shall not shop for bags for 'sometime'. 

When I visited MOSAIC in Salhiya Complex (Kuwait City), I really liked their collection a lot. They've got beautiful leather bags from Germany (Picard), Italy and some from Lebanon. They offer a nice discount as well. Though I didn't give in to temptation, I would recommend ladies who love bags, to visit MOSAIC and explore their collection. Here are some pictures I took of their bags.

Contact Mosaic : 22996437
Location : Mezannine, Salhiya Complex, Kuwait City

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