Thursday, 19 January 2012


As humans, we tend to crave for emotional support, love, affection and FOOD. We take for granted other things like air and water. Right now, I crave for a vegetarian diet. Sounds boring huh? Well, it isn't really.  I think its my body's need for all those wondreful vitamins and minerals and easy digestion that's making me crave for vegetables. During my vacation, I did indulge in bit of junk food and lots of chicken and meat, more than my quota I usually adhere to. Time to flush out all those toxins and clean my system. I am starting my detox diet from today, which means consuming fruits and vegetables for atleast a week and eating in moderation. My diet will be complemented with lots of salads and bit of low fat cheese. 

Want to try it's good for you. This will help you lose weight as well, make your skin radiant, your mind more alert and you feel lighter and healthier. Stick to it for another month or so...and see the magical transformation for yourself. 

What do you crave for right now? 

* Chocolates
* pastries
* junk food
* healthy food
* fruits like orange or banana
* company of someone you are absolutely fond of
* a vacation
* an aromatic oil massage 
* Its a secret

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