Thursday, 9 February 2012


“Happiness is a skill we learn,” says Marci Shimoff, author of the New York Times bestseller Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out.

* Shimoff goes on to say, if you feel stressed, do the 'pause' practice. Pause for a moment and place your hand over your heart. “It puts you into heart rhythm coherence".

* You are liable to remember people's criticisms than compliments. Instead of dwelling on the criticisms and feeling low, be grateful for all the good things about you, good things happening in your life and the blessings from the past. Look for things around you that will increase your happiness quotient, like looking at a pretty flower or a beautiful sky or a cute smile of a child. You get what I mean?

* Say a prayer for yourself each day, “May I be safe, may I be happy, may I be healthy and may I live with ease", and wish this upon others as well. And see what a difference it makes.

* Surround yourself with happy people and not people who infect you with their negative talk. Misery loves company...stay away from toxic people who are always fretting and complaining.

* Get a good night's sleep every day. Six to eight hours of sleep will increase your energy and make you feel good. If you are tired due to lack of sleep, you can't concentrate, you'd feel dull and in no position to experience happiness. 

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