Saturday, 11 August 2012


Curiosity a 2.5 billion dollar sophisticated nuclear powered robot, weighing one ton,  that was sent to Mars landed successfully on August 5, making a flawless entry, descent and landing on Mars. It is expected to spend 2 earth years on Mars.

The rover has been taking lots of photos of the terrain and surroundings. The pictures document Martian landscape to have an earth like appearance. The surface has dark sand, red dust, and substrate rock which is tan. Curiosity is equipped with cameras, 10 scientific instruments to tackle the challenge, including an onboard chemistry lab and a device known as ChemCam which can shoot a laser at rocks and read the chemical signature that's encoded in the light that's given off. Curiosity's chemical analysis would be able to reveal whether Mars was potentially habitable in ancient times and about existence of water.

Curiosity sends its first images of Mars

A 3 D image on Mars captured by Curiosity
 Mount Sharp - image of mountain captured by Curiosity

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