Sunday, 5 August 2012


On a weight loss journey, we find ourselves travelling into our past imaginging how thin we were, the smaller size clothes we used to wear, and how good we looked or how good we felt back then. It's okay to resort to time travel and think of yourself postively. Well, tell you what, use the same technique, travel into the near future and imagine how you want to look like, how much weight do you want to lose. Let's say you want to lose 4 to 2 kilos a month (which depends on your food choices, calorie intake, exercise), how would you look like in 3 months? You can already picture yourself dropping two or three sizes, fitting into smaller size clothes. Does the mental image of the thinner you make you happy? The best news is, it does not have to stop at picturization of your intent or goal in your mind. Science and scientists have proved a huge connection between mind and body communcation. What your mind tells your body is important. When your mind begins to think and feel strong positive thoughts about losing weight and you wake up determined everyday to do what it takes to lose weight, that is exactly what your body would do, lose weight.

Choose a healthy diet, eliminate or cut down what your body does not require, exercise, stick to it, be honest to yourself during your weight loss journey. Dedicate a few months of your life to reducing your weight.  You will be rewarding youself with a healthy body, healthy mind, and a great sense of accomplishment. In the meantime, be proud to be who you are. Let the weight not stop you from appreciating the person you are.

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