Saturday, 11 August 2012


We are responsible for our body to keep it healthy and free of illness. Eating right and eating healthy means you can be sure to witness and experience a whole lot of changes in how you feel, look and fuction. You will find a great change in your energy levels, your moods, clarity in thinking and your stress level will go down. It's amazing! So what are those wonder foods that you should have everyday that will boost your health? Fruits and Vegetables!  You already have them in your refrigerator or if you don't, you should definitely buy them and make them an integral, "must have" part of your diet.  Forget about all the junk food, sugary and fatty foods. Don't eat them except occasionally, that too in moderation. It's the natural and healthy food your body needs and not the junk food. Go for fruits and vegetables -when you consume them every day,  the health effects of these wonder foods will begin to show in you and on you. They provide natural form of vitamins and minerals that are much needed by your body; they cleanse kidneys, livers and gall bladders, boost your energy levels, strengthens immune system, keeps your skin healthy, slows down ageing and keeps your heart healthy. They are the most reliable and helpful food for those on a weight loss regime. Eat a wide range of fruits, vegetables and greens for your body to attain sparkling health.