Saturday, 8 September 2012


Does this happen to you? Well, it does to me at times. There are days I have to literally force myself to exercise. I don't have a problem with dieting, eating healthy, choosing the right foods and so on. I rather read or write or do something creative with my time than exercise. I tell myself, think of the wonderful health benefits exercise can offer and when it comes to weight loss, you have to exercise (besides eating healthy) - there is no other way. I look at people much older than me exercise with dedication and zeal.  Let me tell you why they do it. Since I've been there and done it...I can guarantee that if you exercise everyday, you will feel so energised, empowered and experience a great sense of well being. Only exercise can do that for you. Don't forget to combine it with healthy eating.

So, is this motivating enough to start an exercise plan? If you can't do it alone, rope in a family member, friend or colleague to exercise with. Join a gym. Go for walks in the park or walk on your treadmill.  Do some kind of calorie burning exercise if you need to lose weight.

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