Tuesday, 9 October 2012


In view of the upcoming Asian Summit meet, the National Council for Culture Arts and Letters (NCCAL) in coordination with embassies of Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Japan, India, Indonesia and  held cultural events by renowned and talented artists invited to perform from these countries. The Indonesian cultural event too place yesterday and will continue over the next two days, followed by cultural events from China during the weekend.

As a part of the Asian Cultural Days event, the Embassy of India hosted a beautiful musical and dance show on 3rd and 4th October. Satwic Veena (that resembles an elongated guitar) was played by Salil Bhatt on both the days. Gifted classical dancer Parwati Dutta performed the beautiful  'Kathak'  dance on October 3 and the next day, she performed one of the most beautiful and oldest dance forms of India called Oddissi, which comprises of intricate movements, stamping of the foot and striking sculpture postures. It's known to be the oldest form of dance in India. Here are some photos I took.

Remaining events to take place:
Ongoing Asian Formative Arts Exhibition - Modern Art Museum, Gulf Road (Tuesday 9 October to Thursday 11 October and Sunday 14 October; timing 9.30am to 1pm and 5pm to 8.30pm)
Indonesian Traditional Music Group event -  Souk Sharq ( Amphitheatre, Wednesday 10 October, 7.30pm )
Chinese Folkloric Group Jiangsu - Thursday 11 October and Friday 12 October - Kuwait National Museum (theatre/auditorium, 7.30pm), Saturday 13 October at Avenues Mall, 7.30pm

Salil Bhatt (centre) on satwic veena

Partwati Dutta and her group performs Kathak a lovely rythmic dance of India

Parwati Dutta and her group performs a beautiful classical dance form called Oddissi

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