Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Are you trying very hard to make progress in losing weight? Do you feel tired of it all and you rather relish an icecream or burger or pizza or cake? They say, there is no progress without struggle. It's true. But why should you consider the effort or time it would take to do anything that will only bring you good, to be a struggle? Trying to lose weight and doing what it takes to reach your goals becomes a 'struggle' only if you brainwash yourself to think so everyday.  If you feel you are not going to ever reach your goal weight, it means you are giving up too easily. Don't give up. If you think you are unlucky or something and that the thin people are eating more than you and they don't put on any weight and you have to stay away from so many yummy and delicous foods, well, stop right there. You know, honestly, you are better off without all the junk food, fatty and sugary food or high amount of carbs. Your body does not require a huge amount of calories either.  After whatever is burned for your chores and activities, and if you're eating more than what you burn, it gets converted to fat and adds on week after week, month after month. So don't pity yourself if you cannot have what others are devouring. Your genetic makeup, metabolism, or the activities you do to burn your calories are different from others. Don't compare yourself with thin people. Instead motivate yourself by reading about people who were bigger than you and how they lost all their weight, what tips are they sharing and so on.  If they could have done it, so can you -  if you put your heart and soul into it, like they did.  So undo all the negative talk in your mind and watch what you eat. And exercise. You didn't become overweight in a few days right, so it will take you some months to lose weight.

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