Wednesday, 10 October 2012


On Monday we attended the Indonesian Cultural event that showcased a blend of traditional music of Indonesia and a Fashion Show, at the Kuwait National Museum, organized by NCCAL (National Council for Culture Arts and Letters) and the Indonesian Embassy. This was held as a part of the ongoing Asian Cultural Days program.  The hall way leading to the auditorium, was adorned with traditional handcrafts, clothing, jewellery and artefacts from Indonesia which was quite remarkable. A live batik session had interested people try out their hand at traditional batik painting on cloth.

Indonesian musical event and Fashion show will be held at Sharq Mall amphitheatre at 7.30 pm on Wednesday October 10 for the public. The event is ofcourse free of cost. If you'd like to enjoy some traditonal Indonesian Music and fashion show, drop into Sharq Mall this evening. Try to be there early to catch a place to sit or stand.

Here are some pictures I took of Monday's event we attended.

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Peter Pascal said...

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It’s an unusual work called Forest music 1, by Remedios Varo Uranga, a Spanish-Mexican woman artist.