Friday, 5 October 2012


I took this photo while I was at Stardford-Upon-Avon, one the places I literally fell in love with and made a beautiful connection with, thanks to a my childhood friend and classmate. It was she who encouraged me to visit this beautiful place, came along with us, and we had a great time.

The swan moves about with beauty, elegance and grace in water. They have inspired musicians, poets, writers and artists. The swan moves about in water, but never does it's feathers absorb the water. All the water just flows off it's body. Be like a swan, as you travel your journey in life, enjoy the gift of life like the swan enjoys moving in water. Don't let yourself soak in the negativities or disspointments in life, let it glide off your mind, like the feathers of the swan. The attitude your carry, response to situations and choices you make along the way will help you manouver through the stormy or calm waters of life.  Like a swan in water, live life elegantly and gracefully.

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