Sunday, 20 January 2013


We take so many things for granted, our family, friends, jobs, our talents, gifts, and life itself. Sometimes we are so caught up with what we don't have and the need to acquire more, giving  more energy to our disappointments, that we forget to be thankful, grateful or appreciate the love, kindness and support of people in our lives, or the bounties and blessings we have or even care to remind ourselves of the good things that happened to us through time or recently or how fortunate we are in so many ways. There is nothing wrong in pursuing one's dreams and ambitions or even wanting more through right means. But remember to be grateful because being grateful is a way of thanking the universe for all abundant  blessings showered on you and attracting good things into your life. When you are grateful, positive vibrations and good hormones are produced in your body. You will experience less stress. You are in harmony with yourself, you will be able to handle and overcome negative situations and people. With your body and mind nourished by the power of gratitude, those good vibrations form the very basis of law of attraction. 

A sense of gratitude in your daily life is so powerful, that it helps you to steer the course to manifest your desires, attracting the things you focus on, through clarity of your intent, desire and faith. It improves relationships, increases problem solving skills, you begin to wear a healthier attitude, increases productivity and gives you happiness. To start off, how can you exercise gratitude? Think or write down five good things that happened in your life or recently - even small things. Be happy, thankful and appreciate those events or happenings. Appreciate people who were there for you emotionally or physically or helped you. Pass on the kindness.  Time and again, make a mental list of different good things, blessings and miracles small or big that has happened to you in your life. Be grateful for the bounties of the universe. Offer your gratitude in prayers. You will feel and radiate a  sense of peace and joy. 

In September 2007, there was a beautiful and inspiring article published in Reader's Digest, "New Science of Thankyou" that explained how scientific research came to the conclusion that gratitude plays a huge role in physical and emotional wellbeing. According to the article published in Reader's Digest, people who were grateful,

* Felt better about their lives
* Were more optimistic
* Were more energetic
* Were more enthusiastic
* Were more determined
* Were more interested
* Were more joyful
* Exercised more
* Had fewer illnesses
* Got more sleep
* Were more likely to have helped someone

What are the things you are grateful for?

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