Friday, 3 May 2013


We might prefer to live in the city, occupied with our busy lives. Stress and responsibilities can take a toll  and that's when we wish to feel grounded, energized, peaceful and in charge of our lives. Whenever possible, attune yourself with nature, observe the plants, flowers, trees, grass, sand around you. You don't have to wait until you feel stressed and depleted of your energies to do this. We belong to nature, we are an integral and important part of it, and whenever we are amidst nature, we can feel the huge difference it brings to our psyche.

I was at the KOC Dental clinic yesterday and when I was leaving, I noticed a small landscaped area beside the Dental Clinic. The landscape was mostly full of cactus with beautiful yellow flowers. The bright green cactus with vibrant yellow flowers had an instantaneous uplifting effect on me. Here are some photos I took. 

Look towards nature for a balancing and re-energizing effect. 

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