Thursday, 24 April 2014


The Earth Day celebration 'Hadath Alarth' held at National Museum was super amazing! We reached the National Museum around 7.15 pm yesterday. We were lucky to get a parking spot close to the Museum, the parking areas were full ! It was a well planned, beautifully organized event with selected local and international performers. When we reached the National Museum, we were given colored sticker. Yellow, blue, green, red stickers were given out at the gate. The public was divided into groups based on the color of the sticker. Volunteers holding poles with colored lights of the same color were guiding the public. We had to stay with our 'green color' group and follow the volunteer who led us to designated areas of different programs throughout the event. 

We had to go from one area to another to see different shows. The entire event was held outdoors in the Museum premises. Beautiful photographic art exhibits were presented by the cultural office of Chinese Embassy. The evening started off with a speech on Earth Day which is officially observed all over the world on 22nd April annually.  Fire stunt by setting himself ablaze by Irish stuntman, Donal O'Farrell  quite a visual that I am sure stunned the audience. Delightful Rap music was performed by Kuwaiti brothers, Yakoob and Humble Abdul aka 'Sons of Yousuf', in support of our environment. We were taken to the huge courtyard for a soulful cello performance by Mohammed Shoosha, followed by a spectacular Quidams Horse show. After which we were taken to another open area to listen to poetry recital.   Contemporary dance depicting four elements of life, earth, water, fir and air, was performed by students of BAIA - British Academy of International Arts. Across from where we stood, I could see Visual Therapy's mural to show the importance of water conversation. As soon as the dance was over, my husband said, look up over there, and there was this huge inflated balloon in the air , with a beautiful  lady in white, suspended from it who performed the 'Aerosculpture', a dazzling acrobatic aerial show. The Quidams Horse show and Aeroscuplture was organized by the French Institute in Kuwait. We then moved on to the final part of the event, a fabulous musical show by 'Nawaf Gheraibah and Friends'. 

Dr. Qusai Karam, associate research scientist at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research had presented wonderful sets of re used and recycled art. STP,  Spread the Passion, a non profit organization had more than 50 volunteers including organizers, actors and artists at the show. STP had also put up a light installation by using thousands of used glasses, bottles and jars. Water tanks were given out by NCCAL to five schools under UNESCO associated school project network. It was a beautiful sight to see the colorful finished painting of each of these water tanks by students,  depicting environmental awareness.

Now for plenty of photos I took yesterday of the spectacular Earth Day celebration.

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