Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I was going through an article on MSN healthy living - 9 Common Mistakes that Age you. I thought this is something I must share on my blog. 

Do you love ice creams, sweets, pastries, cakes, burgers, shakes and those endless list of tantalizing, easy to buy, easily available, easy to eat foods ? Have you thought how our lifestyle choices, certain foods we eat, if we skimp on sleep or if we work too hard, how it can accelerate the ageing process, and make us unhealthy. We excitedly and joyfully send down a variety of food into our bellies. We know it doesn't end with just chewing and swallowing all that tasty stuff. We hardly bother about what happens in there... A huge complex chemical processing goes on inside.  Are you concerned if the food you ate just now, was it serving you nutritionally, adding to your health or destroying your health in slow steady manner? Are you a workaholic, do you work too hard? Do you feel you live a stressful life? How about exercise - do you do any, do you love it or hate it?  Why should  you apply sunblock? 

I have to restrict my ice creams to just once in a while after reading  what the sugar we consume turns into, the chemical process and what happens. 

We all know what is bad for us. Like a label, good/bad.  But if you knew exactly why certain foods are bad, what it does to you,  why should you avoid it and why is there such an importance being given to 'healthy lifestyle', this must read article on MSN - Healthy Living, that will definitely encourage to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

To read the article click 9 common mistakes that age you

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