Tuesday, 19 January 2016


While I happened to be surfing the net for events happening and places to visit last weekend, I came across Abraj park or Water Towers park in Adaliya. How come we haven't heard of this place before I asked my husband. We've always wanted to take pictures of the Water Towers from close quarters. Before we knew, we were headed for Adaliya. Its not a huge park but certainly a beautiful one, well maintained, with lots of green grass, flowers, trees, children's playground and a football court.  The weather at this time of the year is great.  Plenty of families were picnicking on the grass, just outside the Water Towers and across the park. The 9 water towers are right inside the park with a fence surrounding them. You can watch the sunset at the park with the towers in front of you and the sun setting in the yonder. It's a magnificent view. After sunset, the lights come on and towers start to glow with the light effects. There is a little fountain in the park, a favorite spot for taking pictures with the towers in the background.   If you look at the skies towards west, you will see planes flying beyond the water towers every 7 minutes or so; a nice sight especially during sunset.

Wondering where to spend a nice weekend with your family? You know where to go.

Entrance : Free.

Location on google maps : Abraj park Adaliya

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