Monday, 18 January 2016


I just love looking at fountains. There is something so peaceful and zen about the sound and movement of water flowing from fountains. The feeling is even more beautiful when you are at a waterfall. Since we don't have waterfalls here, why not visit the newly introduced musical fountain at Al Shaheed park in Sharq for an enchanting performance of light, music and water. Timings for the musical fountain show differ during weekdays and weekends and there's a time gap between each performance.  Picture of schedule is included at the end of this post.

The lights in the musical fountain come on after sunset. Visit the park before sunset, walk around, explore and enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens in the sunlight. Stay back after sunset to enjoy the musical fountain show and the special lighting all around the park. The Shaheed park is the largest urban park with modern landscape,  walkways and jogging paths, benches and other seating areas, amphitheatre, sculptures, exhibition center, restaurant and a variety of flowers, plants and trees. Shaheed park is bound to impress you.

The musical  fountains are located at the Green Belt Lake in Shaheed park. Look for directions and map at various locations in the park. There is another set of fountains you can enjoy at the Constitution Monument area as well.

Car parking is in the basement. After parking, there are escalators and lifts that will take you to the park. 

Al Shaheed park location Google maps

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