Sunday, 17 January 2016


"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years to live" - Albert Einstein, read the flyer placed on every seat for the guests. I didn't know these amazing little hard working miracle insects were so vital for our existence!

The urban bee keeping talk at the beautifully landscaped open air Circle of Peace in Shaheed park yesterday was something quite intriguing, inspiring and educational. The talk was held as a part of green week program  to create awareness among people on the importance of bee keeping to promote and sustain the honey bee communities from declining or perishing. There is no insect in the world that provides us honey and related consumer foods that has a huge variety of health and healing benefits known to man since ancient civilizations. In alternative and natural medicine honey is given great importance.

Honey bees can be raised in our gardens and balconies or on our property. 'Just Bee' is a local bee products company that will install bee hive for you and explain everything you need to know. When it's time, they would have the honey harvested for you.  According to 'Just Bee', you can contribute to urban bee keeping as the bees being pollinators strongly influence floral diversity, plant eco system and stability. Do you know the honey bees make more honey than they consume!

The local Sidr honey is mostly from cedar trees. Its important to plant flowers and cedar trees to help the bee communities flourish. Pesticides and insecticides on plants can disorient bees and it's harmful for them as they can't fly back to their hives. So its important to grow plants without the use of pesticides and insecticides. A bee can travel up to 5 kilometers to get nectar from flowers or trees. Apparently there are 500 bee keepers in Kuwait and 10,000 bee hives. Honey harvested from different places in the same country tastes different and the color is different too. Kuwait won gold medal in Korea for 'best honey competition' last year, where over a 100 countries participated .

During the talk, we were shown  a transparent box with lots of female bees, some male bees and honeycomb.  After the talk, we were shown live honey harvesting, followed by a tasting session. The honey was rich and dark in color and tasted amazing.

You can contact 'Just Bee' for pure natural honey. They will deliver it to your home. As mentioned earlier, if you are interested, they can install beehives for you and harvest honey as well.  Their contact is at the bottom of my post. Here are some photos from the event.

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