Sunday, 17 July 2011


How would you feel if you have to strap a suitcase on yourself, weighing 10 to 20 kg for 24 hours and you can't keep it down. You have to carry it around. Now that would be absolutely difficult and inconvenient; it can drain you off your energy and you would want to keep it down. What if this heavy suitcase is strapped on to you for a month or a year. Unthinkable right? Now that's the same with excess weight. It's like carrying this heavy suitcase weighing between 10kg to 20 kg strapped on to you for months and years and you suffer silently.

You don't have to carry this excess weight. You can end the suffering. You have the authority not to be enslaved to carry the excess weight around.

So what do you do?
Set yourself free!

Release your addiction to all those foods that makes you fat by adopting a healthy eating plan. Most importantly release your subconcious addiction to being fat. Get out of your comfort zone. There is no gain, if there is no pain. Now the only pains you have to take is to change your food habits, eat  less, eat healthy, follow a calorie controlled diet and exercise.

Will I ever be able to lose all this seems so hard?
In each of us, there is dormant powers....not just the power to wish, but to make our wishes come true. Well, it takes effort. Be willing and determined to put in that effort and you will be shocked at how easily you can lose weight and how different you are going to look and feel. The miracle of weight loss can happen with a click of an invisible switch called  'decision'  in your heart.

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