Friday, 24 February 2012


Take a look at these unique cups and mugs! Would you like to enjoy your tea or coffee in different sort of cup or mug of a rare design, shape and appearance? Of course your beverage wouldn't taste any different. If you were designer, what sort of cup would you design?

Real coffee beans mug

Camera lens mug

How would you like to have your coffee from a camera lens (mug)

Go green mug (see the little grassy plant at the bottom of the mug)

Iron your clothes with the heat from your coffee mug!

Two in one - mugs for coffee and your ironing

Mustache mugs

Teeth Mug, have your coffee or tea drip through the teeth

Walking mugs

I love this one!

Tilted cup. Would you have the courage to have your coffee from this cup without worrying if  your coffee might spill

Polar bear in the center of mug

Lizard Mug

Steam mug that blows steam

Love Mugs

This is not coffee dripping, its made to appear that way. 

Fashion Mugs

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Lynn said...

Where do we find some of these mugs to buy them??? I have been searching for the Bean mug and the lizard mug and cannot locate them Anywhere other then blogs about them. Please share where to purchase them. email me where I can