Thursday, 23 February 2012


Kuwait National day and Liberation day is just around the corner and Ahmadi has been converted into a magical place with spectacular lights everywhere. When you enter into Ahmadi governorate, you are greeted with artistic display of lighting on special decorative structures, fences, gates, bushes, trees, grassy area and buildings. What an amazing feat to the eye! When you go there, you have to spend at least two hours. Firstly, drive around and cover Ahmadi area as much as you can. Then find a parking spot - preferably in the parking lot of the Ahmadi cricket grounds and take a walk (with your camera). Walk as much as you can to appreciate and absorb the beauty. The KNPC headquarters was not lit up, until almost 9pm. But when it it was lit, the light show on the KNPC building was fabulous. Don't miss it. We were there last night and spent about 2 hours enjoying the lights in Ahmadi. Dear hubby, can you please take me to see the Ahmadi lights once more? 

Here is some feast for your eyes! Be sure to visit the Ahmadi lights....


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