Saturday, 25 February 2012


A grand National Day Parade will be held today Saturday 25 February, on Gulf Road from Kuwait Army Officers Club till the Kuwait Towers starting 3.30pm. The roads would be closed in that area so that the parade can take place. The public would stand or sit on the pavements on either side of the Gulf Road to enjoy the parade.  Various public and private institutions, sports cars, cartoon characters and music bands will be participating. Be there really early between 2 and 2.30 pm, to find a parking spot. Take your cameras, food, water, umbrellla, raincoat and perhaps a folder chair.   As you travel along the Gulf Road, police and security on the roads will direct you, due to road closure for today.   Try to park your car in a manner you can easily take it out once the parade is over. I had enjoyed last year's National day parade. It was well organized.

Skies looked grey since early morning and now it is raining! I hope the rains stop so the parade can take place smoothly and the public can enjoy the event.

Okay, now for some pictures of last year's National Day Parade so you would get a feel of what it might be like. But of course there's nothing like actually being there and watching the parade.

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