Monday, 23 April 2012


‘Caine’s Arcade’ is the short film about the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of one young boy that has now gone viral on the internet. Click to watch. You'll definitely love it and admire Caine 's creativity and what he has accomplished.

Caine Monroy is a 9 year year child from East Los Angeles who created an entire arcade out of cardboard boxes in the his father's auto parts shop. Though he didn't have many visitors initially, everything changed like magic, when Academy award nominated short film maker Nirvan Mullick stopped by Caine's cardboard arcade, and was impressed with the young boy's idea, and decided to document it. 

When Mullick asked Caine about his games, he was told that for $1 one could get 4 turns, or for $2 I could get a Fun Pass and 500 turns. Mullick got the fun pass. "Caine stamped my hand and I spent the next 30 minutes playing mini-soccer and mini-basketball with a crumpled up paper ball. It was super fun. I racked up about 14 tickets, and redeemed them for a sweet toy car that I gave to my friend’s son. When I was playing the games, Caine would run the arcade and at one point I was shooting some paper soccer, and when I scored a goal, he crawled under the box and pushed these tickets from outside the box. And you know when he did that it just brought me back to when I was kid..." said Mullick. 

What happened after that surprised Caine and changed his life. Enamored by the young boy's creativity and achievement, Mullick organized through Facebook, a flash mob of people from all across the area at the arcade. Mullick made a short film on Caine and it's a must watch. The video film went viral on the internet across the globe. Caine was able to meet with NASA's top rocket scientists, raise scholarship money for his college education and interviewed on T.V.. After all the attention, there is now a Caine's Arcade Foundation to help children further their education.

Nirvan Mullick with Caine Munroy

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