Sunday, 22 April 2012


Do you love to cook? Are you enthusiastic about joining Lulu Hypermarket's cooking contest that starts today? Today's topic for the competition is 'Fruit and Vegetable Carving' which will be held at 4.30pm . Contact Lulu, get the details fill out the form and join in different categories. This is a great opportunity to show your cooking talents and skills and who knows you might even win a prize. Personally, my advise is - don't worry about the prize, participate and have fun. Here is a list of cooking contests and the categories.

All the cookery contests will be held in Lulu AlRai outlet. 

Sunday April 22 - Fruit and Vegetable Carving - be there by 4.30 pm
Monday April 23- Meat dishes - 6pm
Tuesday April 24 - Chicken  - 6pm

Sunday April 29 - Seafood - 6 pm
Monday April 30 - Rice - 6 pm
Tuesday May 1 - Dessert - 6pm

For more information contact Lulu at : 24759333

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