Sunday, 22 April 2012


Dreams can be intriguing, intuitive and sometimes even scary. Some people have recurring dreams. If you remember the dream after you wake up, it's natural to wonder, why did you have that dream and what could it mean. Dreams are a window to the soul they say...some believe it's a passage to the subconscious mind. Some say they represent our innermost feelings. Some believe certain dreams can be a message from the universe to warn you against danger or to give you an insight towards the answers you seek.  What kind of dreams do you have? I was quite intrigued by a dream I had last night and this afternoon when I got some time to myself, I was searching the net for 'Meaning of Dreams'. It was fun. I couldn't really come up to any  specific conclusions, but I had a good time reading the dream interpretations of various symbols in my dream. Let me share that link with you. To analyze dream symbols and their interpretations, visit Dream Moods website 

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