Monday, 23 April 2012


Last week when I was Sultan Center I noticed, they had several varieties of sprouts and I thought I must blog about how important it is to include sprouts in our diet. 

We don't realize, that most of the time, we are consuming acidic food. Processed foods, cola, chocolates, sweets, burgers, chips are all acidic foods. Lack of exercise, stress, negative attitudes turns our bodies acidic . Our bodies are designed to be alkaline. It's important to have a diet with a certain proportion of alkaline (60 to 70%) and acidic food ( 30 to 40%). When we consume too much of acidic food, our body becomes a playground for diseases. Do you know cancer thrives in a body that's acidic. 

Alkaline foods are fresh foods, leafy green vegetables, salads, nuts and sprouts. Sprouts have great nutritional value with high concentration of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, nitrosmines, trace minerals, bioflavinoids and chemo-protectants which work against toxins, resist cell mutation and boost the body’s immune system. They contain abundant enzymes that makes them easily digestible. So, be sure to include sprouts in your diet. It's best to have sprouts in their raw form. If you wish to cook them, don't overcook or they lose their nutritional value, so saute or stir fry them lightly. Add them to salads and soups. 

Sprouts at Sultan Center 

Garlic sprouts

Radish Sprouts

Rosabi Sprouts

Wheat sprouts

Snow peas sprouts

Bean sprouts


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Thanx for sharing..

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