Friday, 22 June 2012


Do you love Body Shop products? Then it's time for you to visit Body Shop because they are having a great sale on almost all of their products, everything going at half or almost half  price!  Ladies, have you tried their Earth Lover's shower gel range? They are really nice and have an amazing, rejuvenating fragrance that lingers on in your bathroom long after you are out of your shower. And of course the Earth Lover's shower gel feels really good on the skin and you would smell beautiful too. I had tried the Earth Lover's Watermelon and eucalyptus shower gel while in Birmingham and I had loved it right away. And yesterday, when I was at Marina Mall, I dropped into Body Shop and I was surprised to find it under the 'Sale' items and picked one up. 

Their range of body butter are on sale as well.  I personally like the Pomegranate, Moringa and Almond Butter which I have been using for a while now. They are rich and feels good on the skin, keeping the skin soft and supple and the fragrance is beautiful. The Moringa and Almond Butter was gifted to me by my son and the Pomegranate by my daughter.

Body Shop shower gel

Body butter range from Body Shop

Body Shop perfume collection on sale

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