Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Does  battle of the bulge often seem like an endless war, and attaining your ideal weight a far fetched dream? Let me share  those reasons that prevent you from realizing your dream. Be prepared to undo your conditioned thinking and long term habits, and  you can actually lose weight. We are surrounded by so much food everywhere - restaurants, takeaways, ready to eat foods in supermarkets, home deliveries, enticing food based advertisements. We constantly seem to want to eat all those tantalizing foods because they are easily attainable, they look fabulous, they taste so good, so divine....and all the fats and sugars we consume make us feel comforted and good temporarily. We keep stretching our hands and mouths, seeking solace in food . For some people, constant eating becomes either a hobby or habit or both.  And the horrible byproduct of all this is extra fat that keeps adding on to our body and lifestyle diseases  The temporary comfort and happiness one gets from food is replaced by a sense of guilt, and sadness of having to carry the additional weight. The vicious cycle keeps repeating.

Its okay to admit if you are a food addict....a lot of us truly are. The truth is our bodies don't require a lot of those food we feed ourselves. Some people put on weight really fast and some don't really put on weight. Genes, slow metabolism, poor thyroid functioning, poor food choices, bad eating habits (too much junk food, fried and sugary foods), lack of exercise - a lot many factors contribute to weight gain. So how can you lose weight in an age where you are constantly being lured into eating? Is it possible? Let me assure you that YES, you can lose weight....as soon as you are ready to. So are you ready to let go of that excess weight you have carrying for so long? Are you ready for a true metamorphosis and discover the real you that is hidden beneath that fat?

If you repeat a pattern over and over again, you get the same result. I mean if you give in to your tongue's desire or give in to  temptations each time you are surrounded by food or think of food, you are bound to put on weight and definitely not lose any right? Now the only thing that can actually and truly help you is to stop postponing, or procrastinating and take a decision - to lose weight. Your weight loss journey to success starts with a decision. Resort to smaller plates, smaller portion sizes, eat  healthy, say no to coke and soft drinks, packeted juices, junk food, fried foods, pastries, sugary foods, even cut down or eliminate wheat, as wheat causes bloating and indigestion and prevents you from losing weight. Go for grilled or baked lean meats and have lots of vegetables and salads. Include orange, apple and watermelon in your diet as they are natural metabolism boosters. Have a small portion of rice or baked or boiled potatoes for your carbohydrate requirement, at least once a day.  When you are 80% full during a meal, stop eating. When you eliminate all the junk and resort to healthy eating, and exercise,  you will feel energized, you will experience weight loss, and you will thank yourself for that 'decision' you were courageous and strong enough to take. 

No more of, 'I will diet tomorrow'. No more wallowing in  self pity statements, 'Oh I can never lose weight, I can never wear those clothes my friends wear, it's so hard for me to lose weight'. Familiar statements? They are self destructive, sabotaging statements. Stop the negative talk in your mind. Make your decision today...right now.., and gear up to release the real you that is struggling to get out and experience the world the way you should be. Make a firm decision to lose the excess fat and be willing to change your lifestyle. Stick to this decision for 6 to 8 months, depending on your target weight. Watch the new you emerge while the fat burns away and give yourself and everyone else a huge surprise. Oh..and after 6 to 8  months, you have to work on maintaining your new weight by purely eating healthy and following an exercise plan.

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