Wednesday, 4 July 2012


We are told the importance of healthy food for energy and well being. Well, apart from food, our emotions and attitudes need a boost. How can we do that..Here are some simple things we can do.

* Open the curtains in the morning, let in the sunlight. Have your breakfast with the sunlight pouring into your room through the window.

* Go for an early morning walk or a walk before sunset.

* During weekends, take a stroll by the beach. Sea has an amazing effect on mind and energy levels.

* Call up a cheerful friend in whose company, you can laugh, feel energised and happy

* Read a nice quote or an inspirational message and let that guide you for that day.

* Say an affirmation in your mind. Make a decision to do your best and not to let any obstacles or people dissapoint you.

* Do something you really enjoy...

* If you feel lethargic, lazy or sleepy, smell a piece of cut lime or lemon

* Do meditation, yoga or some form of exercise in the morning before heading for the shower. It wakens up the senses and makes you feel energised.

* Take a shower using a fragrant shower gel or soap, followed by dabbing on some nice smelling body lotion. Smell has a great effect on the mood.

* Before you leave for work, dab your favourite perfume, nothing strong;  citrus for men, floral/fruity for women

* Put on some good music. Not rock or rap or heavy metal, but something soothing in the morning, before you head to work or start your day at home.

* Say a prayer. Be thankful for all the blessings. A sense of gratitude empowers you, boosts your energy and you will attract all that is good.

* Be protective about your time. Don't spend it with toxic people. The less you interact with overly critical people and whiners and chronic complainers, your energy will not get sucked or depleted.

* Smile more, laugh more often.

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