Wednesday, 4 July 2012


If you plan to visit the east coast of U.S.A, a visit to Washington D.C.  is a  must. You will have  an amazing experience, with lots of places of interest to visit and things to do. The visit would require at least two days of stay to be able to enjoy Washington D.C. Some of the places we visited during our recent trip, are Capitol, Monument, Botanical Gardens, American Indian Museum, Air and Space Museum.  My husband and I drove around different streets at the end of the day, so we could see as many places as possible and the view at night is beautiful. We had only half a day really, as our visit to Washington D.C. was short.  I really wish we had spent more time in DC, hopefully next time. There are lots of museums you can visit, each offering a  unique experience. There are plenty of restaurants everywhere. Start early, so you can cover as many places as possible before 5pm. Museums and Art Galleries close at 5pm. And the city becomes quiet too after offices get over at 5pm. It's tough finding a paid parking spot if you have a rental car. You can literally forget about finding free parking spots. They'll all be somehow taken anyway. Parking places have strict timings and if you don't take out your car on time, your vehicle can get towed away. Read the signs carefully wherever you intend to park. For a touritst, the best way to tour Washington D.C., is to go on a guided tour, or take a hop on hop off bus or  hop on - hop off trolley to visit all the places you like. Spring and summer are the best times to visit. Plan your trip early so you can decide which places to visit. Once you arrive in D.C., pick up the official visitors map as it will be very useful and it will guide you towards all the wonderful places to visit.  


Here are some pictures I took of the city, as we moved about. Will put up museum pictures in another post.  


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