Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Swimming besides a great form of exercise, is also relaxing, because water provides therapeutical benefits and relieves stress. Now that's its summer, and  it's so hot outside, what better way to beat the heat and yet have fun. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Kuwait or you can even swim in the beaches where it's safe. And before you head for swimming, check out the swim wear in Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and Bhs. They have a great collection in beautiful colors and designs. Now if you don't know to swim, why not join a swimming class. Don't worry about your age or if you are scared of water. They will teach you in the shallow area first and until you are ready and confident to swim in the deeper area of the pool. And in a month or two you will be swimming like a fish.

Swimming Pool, Six Senses Spa, Hotel Missoni 

Children's swimming pool, Six Senses Spa

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