Tuesday, 25 September 2012


It was after a huge gap, I had soft drink few days back. Truthfully, I enjoyed it. Brought back childhood memories. It always does. I was such a soft drink addict as a child. Not anymore though. You know what, when you are thirsty, reach out for plain water instead of soft drink. It will only make you healthy.  

When I was a small kid, a delivery van with different kinds of soft drinks used to deliver at every door, soft drink of our choice, and boy was it exciting back then. Little did I know what soft drink contained and how harmful it is really for our health. We'd keep them refrigerated; open bottles whenever we feel like and drink it cold and it tasted great. Most adults and kids were addicted to it. What about water? Nooooo.... as kids we prefered soft drinks - we'd have a bottle while we watch t.v, or we return after playing outside or while doing some art work. When guests come home, we'd open bottles and pour them into glasses, drop ice and serve. Today I'd never give this unhealthy drink to any of my friends visiting me.  I still remember my mom warning me, don't touch the cola, you have to have your lunch, or no playing outside in evening. Years have passed, and today, I drink cola only once in a while. But you know that once is while is still pretty exciting - I still love the taste of cola but I long got rid of the habit of buying and keeping at home. Just stick to plain water to quench your thrist. And your body needs lots of water for all the vital functioning.

What do soft drinks contain really? Why is it bad for us? What happens to us if consume soft drinks on a regular basis?

* Consuming soft drinks on a regular basis lead to obesity.

* Soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar and habitual intake can cause diabetes

* It weakens the bones and cause osteoporosis.

* Increases the risk of tooth decay. The acidic content in soft drinks can dissolve the tooth enamel and make them weaker.

* Causes kidney stones

* Impaires digestion and our digestive system.

* Both sugar and caffeine components in soft drinks are dehydrating agents and cause dehydration in our bodies.

* They contain strong amount of caffeine which causes irritability, restlessness, tension, high blood pressure, excessive urination and other side effects.

* Soft drinks increase blood pressure.

* Has harmful effects on liver.

* The sweetener used in soft drinks is Aspartame which is 200 times sweeter than normal sugar and is harmful with many side effects

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