Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Are you trying to lose weight and you have been doing a good job by avoiding high calorie foods filled with fats or sugar? And you have been fairly successfully following a pattern of healthy eating, until your friends decided to call you for an all girls or all ladies get together or for tea. You are worried if they'd take offense when you refuse or avoid all those goodies like cakes, pastries, cookies or snacks they may offer. Well, just tell them the truth. They may push you at first, saying a little bit of this or that won't make you fat and you can go back on your diet tomorrow. Smile and go for the tea or coffee with a teaspoon of sugar or fresh juice and avoid the snacks and cakes. Busy yourself with conversation and catch up with all the latest happenings in your friends' lives and  don't even look at the cakes, pastries or snacks to avoid temptation. Well, okay...look but restrain yourself. Don't let your hand reach out for any of these fattening foods. If they can't take no for an answer, say you will have it later. In all probability they may forget and not force you after that. And if they remind you, tell them, you feel full already and to pack it and give it you. Take it home and give it to your husband (if he is not on a weight loss regime) or children. A note of caution...don't make the mistake of taking it home and 'sharing' it with others by taking a couple of bites yourself. Self restraint is a great tool that overpowers the desire to  indulge.

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