Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I for one believe it's a good thing to attract financial abundance. Be thankful for your blessings if you are earning enough or even plenty of money through right means. We need money to survive,  to buy the things we need. To pay the rent, for our daily food, for our children's education, for our hospital bills, vehicle repairs, for our travel,  for our investments, to buy a house, save for our future, and what not, the list goes on...

Human desires and wants are, well, actually endless.  There is nothing wrong in that, so as long as we are not stepping on someone else's toes or pulling someone down as we climb the ladder or harming someone in our quest for money success.  In fact we need money to live in this world and we certainly can't survive without money. If you are blessed financially, do make it a point to help at least one person in dire need, or keep aside a little money for a good cause. Do something nice or useful for an orphan, for the aged, for the sick, or help with a child's education, and make a difference as the universe has helped you.
All said and done, there is a flip side to it, you see, money cannot  buy everything. So what are those things money cannot buy? Take a look at this inspiring, thought provoking message....

It's not the quanity of things you can buy with money that counts at the end of the day, it's the values by which you live, the quality of life you lead, love and support of your family and friends, that makes you feel fulfilled and truly happy. 

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