Sunday, 3 February 2013


This was the 'poster of the week' by Urban Times in February 2012.  I really liked this proverb. When you read this, what does it mean to you?

I feel every little act counts. Every little kindness brings back blessings. Repeatedly committing little or big offences or wrong can land one into great trouble, face great sorrow or huge loss in course of time.  A moderate or little amount of money saved from your earnings will increase your bank balance and come to your use. If we eat unhealthy or junk food  or overeat, we are paving way to attract illness in a matter of time. Instead  if  when we make small changes in our lifestyle, food choices and eating habits and follow through, we become healthier. Day by day with conscious effort, one can rid of an old habit and nurture a good one that will change your life, improve your emotional quotient, reduce your stress and improve your relationship with those around you. Little acts of faith brings you greater good. Practicing a skill or art or pursuing a hobby can make you excel in it. When you put effort everyday, working towards your goal, you are getting closer to accomplishing your dream. Whatever we do,  little by little we are bound  to experience the rewards or consequences.

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