Friday, 8 February 2013


Yellow is a color that is bright, highly visible, fast paced and stands out among any other colors. Have you noticed how yellow lines on the road or sides of pavements catch your attention, rather than white lines. Yellow flowers in a vase or a painting with moderate amount of yellow or a small decorative article in yellow or at times wearing a yellow stoned bracelet or pendant or wearing a light yellow top, cardigan or scarf and so on can be invigorating and stimulates the mental and intellectual faculties. In color therapy, the color yellow helps us to focus, study and recall information. Yellow stands for enthusiasm for life, confidence, optimism, logic,  practicality and mental challenges. Yellow relates to practical thinking related to decisiveness got to do from the head rather than from the heart. If you are going through lot of changes in life, or under a lot of stress, yellow would not be color easily tolerated as its vibrates too fast. A softer color would be more soothing during negative phases in life. 

Colors are a fascination for me. And I do believe colors affect us emotionally and psychologically. Yellow is a cheerful, zesty and attractive, attention arresting color. It's nice to creatively use it in your life. I choose to think of yellow as a fun and peaceful color. I am reminded of happiness, summer, sunshine and beaches.  I enjoy yellow as in Lemonade, succulent sweet mangoes, bananas, yellow flowers, lemon cakes, a silver ring with a lovely light yellow stone, abstract paintings with different shades of yellow blended in with other colors. I think a simple outfit of yellow t-shirt (any shade) with jeans looks so pleasing and cool in the summer
During the Christmas sale in December, I bought a beautiful dark yellow Karen Millen bag (a cross between light mustard and  yellow) from  Selfridges (Bull Ring shopping area in Birmingham) UK  and I just love it. 

Karen Millen bag from  Selfridges , Birmingham
Selfridges Building, Bull Ring, Birmingham

Delicious mango

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