Wednesday, 6 February 2013


When I came across this quote, I thought, 'My God, this is so true'. There was a time when I used to think not everyone has the will power. To be specific, when I used to try to lose weight around 10 years ago, my problem was will power. I thought I didn't have enough will power to follow through a weight loss plan. I used to get tired, impatient and fed up after a few days of dieting and then go back to regular eating habits. Couple of years later, about 8 years ago to be precise, when my doctor encouraged me to lose weight after a hip injury, I had no choice, but start a healthy diet plan to reduce my weight. With much resistance and struggle  between my mind and body, I overcame and cast away all old eating habits and began to enjoy eating healthy.  The happiness in seeing the weight drop, encouraged me to continue. I realized something very important that time. Losing weight had nothing to do with my will power. I had plenty of will power. I was 'willing' to lose weight. But I wasn't ready to change. I started to shed weight, as soon as I 'changed' my eating habits and let go of the foods that are fattening, ate less, made conscious food choices and exercised. In the process, I changed as well for the better. It was my readiness to change and stick to that change, that helped me lose weight. 

So don't ever think you don't have enough will power. Yes you do. You just have to be ready to change your thoughts and choices and habits revolving around food. In order to change your eating habits, you have to make a decision. When you start eating less, eating healthy, stop eating all the high calorie laden foods and exercise 5 times a week, you will lose weight. And if you follow through this plan, you are guaranteed to lose weight and feel wonderful about yourself and your achievement. 

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