Saturday, 16 March 2013


Guinness World Records in a Minute organized by Fiesta is being held at Marina Mall since Thursday March 14 to Saturday March 16. Today is the last day of the fun filled challenge fete for children. It's easy, there is no payment, no registration. Just go there and participate. Any number of children can participate. Five persons who complete a task in the shortest time within one minute will be noted. Out of that, one person who completed in shortest time compared to other participants will get to go on stage and peform once again and try to keep or break his own record. And he/she will be awarded Guinness world record certificate.  The Guinness World Record event on Saturday 16 March will start at 1pm till 8pm.  Friday's kids challenge events were:

1. Fastest time to build an Arabic coffee cup pyramid in one minute (both children and adults participated)
2. Most t-shirts removed and folded in one minute by Yiaco Apollo hospital (older and younger children). 
3. Baskin Robbins - Most flavors recognized in one minute (older and younger children)
4. Fastest time to empty a tube of toothpaste in a minute by Sunstar Gum (younger children)
5. Fastest time to be fed 250 gms of baby food in one minute (supposedly for small children but I saw children above 10 years old participating as well !) 
6. Fastest time to dress a doll in one minute by Gymboree (both children and adults)

If it's a children's challenge event for Guinness World Records, I didn't understand, why were adults participating. Or were some events open to both. Should have inquired, but I didn't. Anyways, if you plan on having a bit of fun either by participating or watching others perform, visit Marina Mall between 1pm and 8 pm. Today is the last day and today's events will be different from yesterday.

Here are some photos from yesterday's event. 

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