Sunday, 10 March 2013


A few days ago, I visited a friend and as we got talking about old times, she was talking about  a great miracle she experienced a number of years ago. I could sense her gratitude for what happened. How fortunate or how lucky that was, one would say. 

Every person has sometime or the other been in a situation, where you just wish so hard for a miracle. Silently you would pray, 'Please God, I need a miracle'. No one will exactly understand why you really need this miracle for they can't feel what you feel nor are they living in your shoes. Your family and friends may pacify, offer words of support and tell you not to worry and encourage you to accept your fate or whatever might be in store for you. You would listen to their words of advice and comfort, yet deep inside you yearn for a miracle and you wait for it in utmost faith. When the waiting gets long and things around you seem uncertain, you begin to doubt whether the miracle you prayed for will ever happen. 

Look around you, the world is full of people whose life is a testimony to being recipients of great miracles. They were in difficult and trying situations and they never gave up their faith or belief in divine intervention. Some of them got exactly what they prayed for and they knew it was a miracle. Some did not get what they prayed, but  they too were blessed with nothing short of a great miracle that worked to their greater good.


Shoshannah Qwel-Susz said...

This is so true, only each person knows what it is that they pray for. Miracles happen when you don't expect it, it does not shout out that it's there. We have to be open to knowing that the miracle has come to us.
Thanks so much for this post, it helps when we always remember miracles in our life.

KUWEIGHT64 said...

You are most welcome! And thank you for the beautiful thoughts you shared.